Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Frustrated with the the sms-mms limit?

Dear visitors are you suffering from  the sms limit that you have limited space to write a message you cant forward long length messages then your at the right place? you can only sms 10 pple at the same time? We are here to help you.. We will change the sms app to something which high level developers have done.

the new package wud have

 The Mms.apk has the following moddings:
- Message Skin (Default, Edge, Gloss, Sticky Note, Memo)
- Sent Time displayed instead of the Received Time
- No AutoConverting messages to MMS after 4 SMS. In my mod, it will be converted to MMS after 200 SMS.
- Possible to add to the message 200 contacts instead of 10 contacts.

There is another way of doing it but its too complicated if you want me to upload that i will but the easy one is here. 

Stock Rom
1. Download the modified Mms.apk (Attached file)
2. Backup your Mms.apk and mms.odex in /system/app (Use Root Explorer).
3. Mount /system/app as R/W
3. Copy the modified Mms.apk to /system/app
4. Set the permissions to rw-r--r--
5. Delete mms.odex
6. Reboot

I am not the owner of this thread but i may help you

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