Friday, 1 June 2012

The Prince Return

Hi everyone I had stoped using this blog because of unpoppularity and I got an invitation from to post for them. I accepted that and became a member there. So now Im thinking of restarting this blog. If any viewer want me to come back then plz comment below. I promise you guys to serve the best. If I get 5 positive comments then Ill be back in bussiness


  1. hey awesome blog.
    I have a request for u
    i want a game similar to gunman clive
    i love this game.

  2. Its a good idea kid... All the best...

  3. hey go on man
    Do the best....
    now a days the blogging is coming back

  4. The choice is urs. Do what is better....

  5. Hi Prince i am also urdu speaking.. I wish you best luck continueing this blog if u want i can be a member of it and post more stuff to make it go on the top i will post 4 apps daily and i hope i get a better rank to be seleceted if ur intersted email me "" Thanks bye prince bhai! tc (btw some of the links are expired)