Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How to root Samsung Galaxy Y

Okay guys if you want access to apps like chainfire3D then you need to root your phone. Its very easy just do as I do.

First download This File

The file name is 'Update.zip' copy it to your SD card. Remember you have to paste it in the SD card not in any sub - folder.

Then switch off your phone and then go to recovery mode. To go to recovery mode hold the Vol up + Home button + Lock button(When the phone is off).

After that you would be in the recovery mode. There would be 4-5 options there. Choose D second one 'Apply update from SD card, To choose that you have to scroll down with volume keys and enter with Home key. After that choose the file we downloaded and then reboot. After rebooting you would see that there's a new app in D app drawer called 'Super User'. Done!!!!!!!!! Your phone is rooted. Now you would be able to enter apps which need 'Super user's permission'.

Any problem just comment below

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