Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Assasins Creed: Altairs Chronicals on Samsung Galaxy Y

Well the most hit PC game by UBI Soft has arrived to android. So pickup your swords and download the game.

About the game - Very nice graphics, nice story, big game(so you won't get bored so easily). Non - laggy except level 1 and a swewer level. I'm sure that you will love this game. ;-)

Root needed and android 2.3.6 or higher or else you may suffer from white texture problems.

Download the .APK file from This Link

Data from This LInk

Chainfire3D from This Link

And chainfire's plug - ins from This Link

So after downloading the apk keep it anywere in the SD Card and EXTRACT the data to Gameloft/Games/*HERE*.

Also put apk of chainfire any were in the SD Card and also EXTRACT the plugins any were in the SD CARD(plugins name should be like powervr.zip, Qualcomm.zip and Nvidia.zip). Then install chainfire and open it, Install the CF3D driver only for the first time and then it would reboot. After reboot open chainfire and go to install plugins/shaders, It will scan your SD card and there would be 3 files install them and then go to Default OpenGL settings and tick reduce texture quality and then scroll down to use plugins and choose Qualcomm. Then close chainfire and go to task manager and clear memory and theeeen!!!!!? Install the apk file of assasins creed and play it.

Any problems just comment below.:-)


  1. Prince,plz check the link man! Link not available (data) better u place it into 4share .

  2. the link is not available pls give me available link plssssssssssssssssssssss