Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Assasins Creed: Altairs Chronicals on Samsung Galaxy Y

Well the most hit PC game by UBI Soft has arrived to android. So pickup your swords and download the game.

About the game - Very nice graphics, nice story, big game(so you won't get bored so easily). Non - laggy except level 1 and a swewer level. I'm sure that you will love this game. ;-)

Root needed and android 2.3.6 or higher or else you may suffer from white texture problems.

Download the .APK file from This Link

Data from This LInk

Chainfire3D from This Link

And chainfire's plug - ins from This Link

So after downloading the apk keep it anywere in the SD Card and EXTRACT the data to Gameloft/Games/*HERE*.

Also put apk of chainfire any were in the SD Card and also EXTRACT the plugins any were in the SD CARD(plugins name should be like powervr.zip, Qualcomm.zip and Nvidia.zip). Then install chainfire and open it, Install the CF3D driver only for the first time and then it would reboot. After reboot open chainfire and go to install plugins/shaders, It will scan your SD card and there would be 3 files install them and then go to Default OpenGL settings and tick reduce texture quality and then scroll down to use plugins and choose Qualcomm. Then close chainfire and go to task manager and clear memory and theeeen!!!!!? Install the apk file of assasins creed and play it.

Any problems just comment below.:-)

How to root Samsung Galaxy Y

Okay guys if you want access to apps like chainfire3D then you need to root your phone. Its very easy just do as I do.

First download This File

The file name is 'Update.zip' copy it to your SD card. Remember you have to paste it in the SD card not in any sub - folder.

Then switch off your phone and then go to recovery mode. To go to recovery mode hold the Vol up + Home button + Lock button(When the phone is off).

After that you would be in the recovery mode. There would be 4-5 options there. Choose D second one 'Apply update from SD card, To choose that you have to scroll down with volume keys and enter with Home key. After that choose the file we downloaded and then reboot. After rebooting you would see that there's a new app in D app drawer called 'Super User'. Done!!!!!!!!! Your phone is rooted. Now you would be able to enter apps which need 'Super user's permission'.

Any problem just comment below

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Need For Speed Shift on Samsung Galaxy y

Hey guys this blog has reopened(Just 1 comment left) and today I'll teach you how to install NFS Shift on Galaxy y. Its a very nice game which works without lag and has very nice graphics.


Download the apk file from: This Link.

Download the DATA from: This Link.

Download Chainfire 3D from: This Link.

Download the Plug-ins from: This Link.

Keep the APK file of NFS shift and Chainfire anywhere in you SD Card and extract the data to Android/Data/*HERE*. The name of the data folder after extraction should be something like 'com.eamobile.nfsshift_na_wf'. Then install NFS shift(apk) and Chainfire 3D(apk) then extract the Plug - ins anywhere in the SD Card(name of the plugins should be something like POWERVR.ZIP, QUALCOMM.ZIP and NVIDIA.ZIP). Then open chainfire3D and go to 'install plugins/Shaders' and install the three plug - ins then in chainfire3D go to 'OPEN GL settings' then tick on 'Reduce texture quality' and then open 'use plugins' and select 'Qualcomm'. 

There will a black screen problem when we start a race. You simply have to lock the phone in that black screen and after unlocking, you'll be at the pause menu resume it to continue.(Solved by )

Comment Below if you have any problem.    :-)

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Prince Return

Hi everyone I had stoped using this blog because of unpoppularity and I got an invitation from galaxyyoung.in to post for them. I accepted that and became a member there. So now Im thinking of restarting this blog. If any viewer want me to come back then plz comment below. I promise you guys to serve the best. If I get 5 positive comments then Ill be back in bussiness